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Flyers are the low cost, high return marketing tool.
Printing Brooklyn is your go-to print shop for flyers, postcards and more. We print the widest range of flyers including all variety of finishes and sizes.

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Flyer Printing NYC

Flyers are one of most dynamic impact marketing tools. They are the tiny billboards for you and your company and are ideal for showcasing your products and services, an event or just company information. A well designed and eye-catching flyer attracts interest and can help project a positive branding awareness campaign for your company.

Printing Brooklyn offers the widest range of flyer printing, with all options of sizes and paper stocks. All our flyers are printed using our cutting edge, high format digital printing presses, allowing you the flexibility to print the exact quantity your require, keeping your flyers both cost-effective and of the highest quality. Flyers are a powerful marketing tool; they can be distributed by hand on a busy street, placed at a convenient location for catching the eye such as the counter at a store, or simply posted on walls around your neighborhood. Flyers are the timeless marketing medium.

Brooklyn Affordable Flyer Printing

We print both and standard sized and jumbo sized up to 6×11 inches which are ideal for event promotion, club promotion and marketing notices. We can even print your flyers same day with rush printing in New York City. Simply make your order online or by phone before 1pm and pickup between 4-6pm at our Brooklyn pickup outlet.

Flyers are an incredible low-cost, high return marketing tool as they are very easy to distribute to large audience, and cost effective to print. At Printing Brooklyn, our flyers are printed on luxurious 12-14PT card stock which can be produced in either matte, uncoated or a glossy coat finish giving an elegant and shiny appearance to your flyers. Our gloss coated flyers have an extra water-based coating which makes them extremely resistant to scratching and smudging.

Standard Flyer Sizes

A typical flyer is around the size of a sheet of computer paper. It is 8.5′′ x 11′′ in the United States, or an A4 (8.3′′ x 11.7′′) in the rest of the globe. When it comes to flyers, though, smaller forms are equally popular. The following are the most popular flyer sizes:

  • The most common flyer size is 8.5″ x 11″. It has ample room for pictures, graphics, and lengthier paragraphs.
  • The size of 5.5″ by 8.5″ makes it simple to distribute, store, and handle.
  • A 5″ by 7″ piece of paper is about half the size of a letter. It’s simple to transport and keep going.
  • A smaller and more compact size is 4″ x 6″. 4.25″ x 5.5″ is another option for this size.

Custom Flyer Printing

It’s no issue! The fact that leaflets and flyers come in conventional sizes does not imply that yours should, too. Perhaps you need a tall, thin flyer to be used as a bookmark between the pages of your newest novel, or a more beautiful flyer to be knotted like a tiny scroll in a cup. Maybe you don’t need a custom size, but just a slightly different material than your standard paper options (like a waterproof flyer showing all the sights a guest can see on a whale-watching excursion, or a pamphlet glowing under the black light of an ad serving special drinks on a wild night in your club).

You’ll have to spend a bit extra to obtain what you need, but an investment in the ideal print product for your brand will pay off… if your brand deserves it. It may be simple at times, such as when you’re sewing flyers for a garage sale throughout town and intend to take them down in 72 hours. When designing something with a bigger effect or a longer lifespan, however, the size and material you select are just as essential to your brand as design aspects like typeface and color palette.

If conventional sizes don’t work for you, let’s get you started with a custom flyer printing option that matches your brand. Because the size and form of the final product must be taken into consideration from the initial drawing, you should work with a designer that has expertise developing distinctive designs. Attempting to scale or reformat a design created for a normal size page or flyer may result in a final product that seems unstable or fails to achieve the desired impact due to incorrect proportions and size.

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