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Pantone Matching.

Perfect color for every project.

Pantone Matching System® is the basic color reference point at Printing Brooklyn.  This standardized system allows a quick and precise match and reproduction of colors. It consists of over 1000 distinct colors and brings a universality to color printing around the whole world. The palette is asigned with specific numbers and letters – each one focusing on a property of the color. It’s the perfect color matching technique to use if you want to ensure that your printed design looks exactly as you imagine it – avoiding the danger of obtaining different colors on desktop and paper.

At Printing Brooklyn it’s easy – give us the required Pantone color and we will deliver your printed products exacty as you want. We print on modern and technologically advanced presses which assure a high quality final product in a short period of time.

Our Experts

Come see us in Brooklyn and see for yourself what we can offer you. If you want to consult the color palette for your project – we have a number of experts and graphic designers that will be willing to assist you. Make sure your new project is exactly as you envision it!

Local Brooklyn, NY store

Need it in a hurry? Drop in to our Brooklyn, NYC store and collect your prints today.

906 McDonald Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11218, USA
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