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Custom Mylar Bags

High quality stand up pouches & bags.
Affordable, high quality custom mylar bags printed in NYC. Our custom mylar bags meet all State requirements for child proofing and sealing and are available for a wide range of applications including food, beverage, powders, cannabis and CBD products.

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Mylar Bag

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The Mylar bag is one of the most highly desirable food, herbal and supplemental packaging options due to their strength, durability and ability to protect their contents from the outside environment such as air and moisture. Each mylar bag we produce is custom printed with your branding in rich, dynamic colors thanks to our digital printing process.

We offer certified custom mylar bags in a variety of films and flexible packaging structures, perfect for brands looking for a high-quality custom bag. High barrier packaging options include odor protection, single-use packaging, resealable packaging and child-proof options for CBD, medical and cannabis products. Custom mylar bags with odor protection are a must when supplying customers with cannabis. But now you can stand out in a dispensary with custom cannabis packaging. Printed cannabis packaging can boost your business by personalizing your product on the label and making it more memorable for your customers.

Printing Brooklyn is committed to selling high-quality, odor-proof mylar bags that are ideal for packaging edible products and cannabis. Also known as Stand Up Pouches, our printed cannabis bags not only make our product stand out, but they are durable and have a quality barrier that effectively prevents odor. The hemp bags control moisture and ensure the freshness, aroma and flavor power of edibles and cannabis. These smelly bags are specifically designed for cannabis storage. Our bags come in white, kraft, clear and black and are used to carry varying amounts of marijuana. Transparent bags can be particularly useful since your customers can see your product before they buy it, ensuring customer satisfaction. In the event of any cannabis tampering, the pouches will be visible and the marijuana will only be available after the seal on the pouch has been broken.

Resealable Mylar Bags

Resealable mylar bags are popular for food and CBD products. When combined with our certified child-proof mylar bag technology, these pouches and bags meet all State requirements for selling edibles, CBD and medical marijuana products. Our resealable mylar bags are scent-proof and smell resistant meaning that your product will not absorb the surrounding frangances during storage and stay fresher much longer than traditional plastic packaging. Our bags are certified tamper-evident, opaque windows (if required) and child-resistant as well as a variety of shapes and sizes for resealable options.

Mylar Packaging

Most commonly found as stand up pouches, mylar packaging can be created in any shape or size to meet the requirements of your product. From standing up in a store where the branding is important, to lying flat packed in a box where space is a priority, we can match any size and shape you require giving you the flexibility you need for any product with our mylar packaging. Due to it’s thickness, mylar packaging if fantastic to print on with high dynamic colors and no ink running with our digital printing process. The sky is the limit for your mylar packaging designs, and we also have in-house designers who can help you get started.

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Weed Packaging Bags

The medical marijuana industry is becoming more mainstream and with it the state-mandated packaging protocols are only getting stricter.  To stay on top of these changing regulations, you need a packaging and printing partner who is quick to adapt to the needs of the market. Printing Brooklyn will help you create unique, child-resistant weed packaging bags for your medical marijuana and CBD products. We offer cannabis dispensaries, growers and consumers custom solutions for all their weed packaging bags requirementss. Whether you require tamper evident packaging or child resistant solutions we are here to help and ensure all compliance to State guidelines and regulations.

Cannabis Packaging Design

Your packaging connects the customer with your brand. Every decision you make sends out subtle signals to the customers. To help you better tell your brand’s story our team will understand your requirements and objectives to formulate efficient and professional printing and assembly strategy. Your cannabis packaging design should be bold and unique and our design team can work with you to develop something extraordinary for your products.

Our design experts are adept at creating regulation compliant packaging solutions that help your brand stand out from the competitors. The design team will guide you through every step of the cannabis packaging design process to ensure that the packaging complements your brand perfectly and helps your product create a positive connection with the consumers.

Custom Packaging NYC

Once the design is final, we print a small run of prototypes that will help you better understand the look and feel of the packaging. Considering how volatile cannabis can be, a test run with these prototypes will help you choose the best packaging that is not only compliant but boosts safety, branding and preservation as well. Once finalized, we can get your packaging ready as per your requirements.

We’re your custom packaging NYC experts! Make Printing Brooklyn your go-to printing store. For over nine years we have offered a variety of printing solutions, right from business card printing to large format printing. We use the latest technology and eco-friendly materials to print your products. For custom cannabis packaging solutions in New York, New Jersey and Long Island connect with us today!

Mylar Bag FAQ

Are your mylar bags certified?

U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, (CFR 16, Part 1700), and as referenced by A.S.T.M. D3475.

Yes, all our custom mylar bags and mylar packaging is designed with the Consumer Products Safety Commission requirements in mind. Packaging must be designed to make it difficult for children under 5 years to be able to open whilst not making it difficult for adults to use. Our resealable and child-resistant zippers and closes ensure all your products are adequately secured.

Our packages also meet the U.S. Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) requirements.

What are your material options?

Our mylar packaging products are available in a wide range of printing substrates including PET, PE and BOPP. We also offer recyclable films and all are printed in matte, soft matte, gloss or metallic finish. Our mylar packaging is freezer and seal proof and meets all state and federal requirements for medical and CBD packaging.

Can you print stand up pouches?

The majority of our mylar packaging orders are for stand up pouches. These pouches are ideal for retail use as they free-stand on their own allowing your branding to be seen. Please find out more information about stand up pouches in this link.

What are your turnaround times for custom mylar bags?

All of our custom mylar bags and mylar packaging products are typically printed within 6 business days. For larger runs, please contact us to find out more about your specific turnaround times. The size of the order and the amount of features may increase the turnaround time.

Where are you located in NYC?

Our mylar packaging products are printed in our Brooklyn factory with collection available in Brooklyn or we offer fast shipments with UPS. We can work directly with your product factory and send the packaging and labels direct to the factory to minimize your workloads. We also print samples so you can get a feel for our products before you commit to a large run.

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