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Saddle Stitching.

Booklets are one of the most popular and cost effective ways of communicating your message, products or marketing strategy to your audience. In booklet printing we often use saddle stitching – a method of binding together all sheets of paper in a booklet. A C-shaped wire is used in a process and is pierced into the back of the book, flattening it and holding the sheets together.  Single stitched booklets have 4 pages, double stitched booklets – 8. In order to use the saddle-stitching method all the page counts have to be divisible by 4.

Bind Your Materials With Saddle Stitching

This popular method of binding is used not only in booklets but also in catalogue, magazine, notebook and newspaper printing. It allows the final product to lay flat or stand vertically while being open. This is very useful during trade shows, where you can easily present the content of your booklet to the audience.

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