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Wheatpasting® NYC

Wheatpasting® is a type of advertising in which a huge number of static posters are posted in multiple locations, usually in densely populated regions, in order to draw maximum attention. Wheatpasting® is a low-cost kind of advertising that provides a high level of exposure for marketers, particularly in the entertainment business (record launches, concerts, and appearances). Also known as flyer postings, wheatpasting posters are an extremely popular and effective form of self-promotion. Displayed in strategically chosen places throughout the city, on walls, fences or posts, they capture the attention of passers-by and quickly spread the word about your next event, concert or promotion. A well-made wheatpasting campaign is informative, reaches out to people and can be the keystone to your next marketing campaign’s success.

With Printing Brooklyn you can choose from a variety of products and options such as wheatpaste posters, magnetic posters, stickers, cardstock posters or pull tab posters for your wheatpasting campaigns. The most popular size of 24″ x 36″ posters can be printed in 24 hours! Enquire now and pick up your posters tomorrow!

How do you start a wheatpasting campaign?

Weekends and late at night are the most common times for fly posters to start appearing. Wheatpasting® has long been considered a guerilla kind of advertising, but it has become more mainstream in the last five years. Wheatpasting® is still not accepted as a legal type of outdoor advertising by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. Many in the business believe this is due to the industry’s guerilla roots.

What are the advantages of wheatpasting marketing?

What makes wheatpasting effective for both large and small businesses? For one thing, it is less expensive than traditional advertising while still achieving the best outcomes in terms of brand exposure and recall. The posters are a fraction of the cost of a magazine or television advertisement, yet they can attract the same amount of attention. For this tactic, location is everything—place the ads in high-traffic places and have them blend in with the surroundings.

Although the costs of this type of outdoor advertising can vary depending on the region, they are still quite effective for media campaigns because they reduce overall CPM (cost per thousand views). Meanwhile, poster sizes vary 24×36 posters, 48×72 posters etc etc, and so on—and can be hung horizontally or vertically.

What are some Formats for Wheatpasting® Posters

There are various types of wheatpasting advertising, such as:

Card-stock Posters

Normally measure 11″ x 17″ or 18″ x 24″ and are displayed in prominent indoor or outdoor locations throughout various neighborhoods, while there are no designated or pre-defined locations for wild wheatpasting posting placement. These are fantastic for promoting brands and local events as well as highlighting new product releases.

Pull-tab Posters

These 8.5″ x 11″ posters have customer take-one pull-tabs to encourage customer interaction. The majority of these posters are found inside cafes, retail windows, college campuses, public bulletin boards, streetlights and construction sites.

Cling posters

Guerilla cling posters are 11″ x 15″ posters that are printed on a static electricity charged material that allows them to stick to a variety of surfaces without the use of tape, paste, or staples. These signs allow for more creative and targeted placement, as well as the option to cut them into certain shapes to increase their visibility and efficacy.


These branded 3″ x 4″ magnets are installed on metal surfaces all across a chosen city. Street poles, storefront gates, car driver doors, newspaper kiosks, same wall and building entrance ways are all common locations. Consumers carry the magnets for personal usage in their offices, apartments, or hostels, making this guerilla marketing technique  unique in its effectiveness.

Wheatpaste Posters®®

Our wheatpaste posters are 24″ x 36″ thin paper posters pasted on different surfaces using wheatpaste, such as wallscapes, storefronts, and building sites, with permission from the property owners. They showcase a single company advertising campaign with roughly 18 to 32 posters in each region with a variety of wild wheatpasting posting styles because they’re specific. The posters can be hung on a variety of surfaces in high-traffic areas, such as building facades, barriers, alleyways, various buildings, skate parks, near school yards, outdoor shopping malls, and so on.

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Is wheatpasting effective?

Yes, this type of guerilla marketing outperforms all other outdoor advertising formats or print advertising campaigns in terms of return on investment (ROI). Each poster is viewed by 750+ people every day on average in the bigger cities. Posters are put in strategic locations to ensure that they reach their target audience. You should be definitely thinking about flyer posting for your next campaign.

They are successful at raising brand awareness, generating curiosity, generating buy intent, and, in some cases, generating direct sales (via QR and promo codes). They’re especially good for marketing events, store openings, and as a supplement to digital and other out-of-home (OOH) formats.

Because they are purchased on a weekly basis rather than monthly, they are more successful in terms of scheduling than traditional print billboards. Many brands consider wheatpasting to be effective in terms of street cred since it associates them with fashionable districts and cutting-edge marketing strategies. Finally, wheatpastings are useful for creating original material for social networking platforms.

Is wheatpasting illegal?

Wheatpasting®s have been erected across cities without authority in the past. The term ‘wild’ alludes to being ‘out in the wild,’ which means not in a typical region.

Most localities have laws prohibiting the posting of advertisements on public or private property. Although it is normal practice in many cities to hang posters on street poles, building sites, and other cityscape objects in certain neighborhoods. Although this is not legally wheatpasting, it is possible to rent permitted street-level space for advertising posters. Contact Printing Brooklyn for more information on how to ensure that a crazy posting campaign does not jeopardize your brand.

How long do wheatpasting posters stay up?

When it comes to freestyle wheatpastings, they remain up until they are either removed by the owner, cleaned up by the property management, or worn away by the weather (e.g., heavy rains, sun, sleet, etc.)

Guerilla wheatpaste posters are often in place for 2 to 5 days in major cities (e.g., New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and so forth). Permitted sites for wheatpasting ensure that they will remain in place for a specified period of time.

What are some tips to get the best out of my flyer posting campaign?

For starters, street posters are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and techniques; inquire as to which is appropriate for a certain location and your brand objectives. Secondly, postcard-style posters are good for promoting events since they are more versatile in terms of placement (e.g., indoor, outdoor, on-campus), allowing for a significantly greater number of people to see them.

Wheatpaste wheatpastings are frequently used to raise awareness, build brand recognition, and share stories. The surface of wheatpaste posters is wrinkled and textured in comparison to the smooth snipe cardstock-style posters, which have a smooth surface. We recommend you create your wheatpaste posters’ artwork in a large, bold font with minimal text so that individuals passing by may readily understand the brand’s goal while strolling or driving by.

Each city, and frequently each area, has its own poster culture, which defines where it is appropriate to display graffiti and where it is not. Posters have greater effect when displayed in groups, while it is preferable for each wheatpasting design to stand on its own. If your campaign’s purpose is to increase consumer interaction, consider using an interactive poster style such as pull-tabs or tear pads, and always include a QR code and an enticing call-to-action on the poster.

To keep your activities visible and fresh in the eyes of the general public, roll out new poster designs every week. Make use of wheatpasting stuff on social media to your advantage.

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