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Fast & Reliable printing with the new HP Indigo

Our new state-of-the-art HP Indigo Digital Presses allow rapid printing even with the mot demanding design. This digital press has a far wider range of color options to offset printing, making the HP Indigo the perfect machine for pamphlets, flyers and brochures allowing an affordable and ultra fast printing solution for a large array of printing tasks. These new presses allow us to continue our popular same day printing services, where customers can order before 12pm and pickup SAME DAY right here in Brooklyn.

Faster & More Affordable

The HP Indigo offers affordable printing right from the first copy; how? Compared to offset lithography printing (offset printing) the other popular printing method, the setup time is extremely fast. During offset printing, colors are mixed slowly, before burning the image on to a plate which is then transferred to a rubber blanket which presses the final image on to the printing material. The setup is long and requires a number of steps, making offset printing much more cost effective when the print runs become larger. Digital printing presses, like the HP Indigo have minimal setup requirements, making them affordable even in small print runs whilst still retaining a high quality finish.

One of the questions we are often asked is whether a digital printing press can compete with offset for dynamic color? Offset printing presses produce vibrant and rich color mixing – always more superior to digital printing. The expert engineers at Hewlett-Packard decided have been working on a digital printer that could match offset toe-to-toe on color. The new HP Indigo is this machine!

Indigo Superior Printing

How does the HP Indigo mix colors so well? Our new HP Indigo 5600 Digital press utilizes a 7-color Pantone emulation (includes off-press mixing and Pantone Goe). This allows an increase in the number of colors for digital printing. HP have also created the Indigo Ink Mixing System, allowing further customization of colors. Our expert Printing Brooklyn team can work hand in hand with you precisely where exact color matching is required.

Do you need the fastest same day Printing in NYC? Our new HP Indigo digital press is installed and ready to go. This incredible press combines affordability with lightning fast printing results. It’s the perfect tool for businesses and brands in New York who want the highest quality printing done faster – still producing the same quality they’ve come to expect from offset printing. Talk to our team today about how our new printing presses can help supercharge your next printing project!

HP Indigo Advantages

  • 120x pages per minute in 4 colors (7,200 p/hour)
  • 240x pages per minute in 2 colors (14,400 p/hour)
  • 13″ x 19″ Media Size
  • 70-400 microns Media Thickness (3-16 pt)
  • 812 Resolution with line screens of 1219 DPI

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