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Wheatpaste Poster

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  • Max file size: 200 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf svg eps ai psd xd ps

Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file please merge all visible layers.


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Wheatpaste Poster Printing NYC

Wheatpaste poster printing (sometimes known as flour paste or just paste) is a water-based liquid gel or adhesive produced from wheat flour or starch. It has been utilized in numerous arts and crafts since ancient times, including bookbinding, decoupage, gluing, and paper swords. It's been utilized as a glue for posters and paper inscriptions on walls in recent times. It is possible to produce paste from raw wheat flour, similar to wallpaper paste, by combining about equal parts flour and water and boiling the mixture until it thickens. The mix of wallpaper paste and chaotic laying is excellent. It's simple to make, clings to practically any surface, and can be applied with a brush fast and simply.

In wheatpasting , wheatpaste posters are frequently utilized. Wild wheatpaste posters, also known as fly posters, are a popular and efficient form of self-promotion. They catch the attention of passers-by and rapidly spread the word about your upcoming event, concert, or promotion when displayed in strategically chosen locations across the city, on walls, fences, or posts. A well-crafted wheatpasting is educational, engaging, and may be the cornerstone of your next marketing campaign's success.

What are the benefits of using our wheatpaste posters?

One of the benefits of wheatpaste posters is that they are a low-cost advertising option that can be used to reach a large audience in high-traffic areas. Additionally, since the posters can be easily be applied with wheatpaste starch glue, there is little risk of damage to the underlying surface. This makes it an ideal advertising option for a business in NYC that wants to create buzz around a new product or service. Our speciality is our unique ultra-thin paper that makes it incredibly easy to coat the posters in wheatpaste glue without mashing or tearing the poster. This makes our wheatpaste posters the fastest and easiest to apply on the market! From music venues, nightclubs, concerts, brands & startups, the sky is the limit for wheatpasting campaigns with our wheatpaste posters. If you want the complete package, try out wheatpasting service which includes printing, installation and real estate locations across Brooklyn, Manhattan and NYC for all your campaign needs. With over 20 years experience in print and marketing, Printing Brooklyn is your go-to local print shop for all your marketing needs. We might be local, but we think global. We've printed posters and run campaigns for some of the biggest brands in America including Nike, Walmart, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Vice & even the United Nations. Our team of printing experts will help you from start to finish for all your campaign needs, with even graphic design if you need it!

Do you need your posters printed in a rush? We understand the constant dynamics of business and we offer flexible services which allow you to get your product within hours.  Choose between the variety of poster options and make your order today!

Wheatpaste Brooklyn

Go wild and prepare a poster campaign in no time. Whether needed for a trade show, conference display or for wheatpasting around the city – our rush services make it possible to get your posters up within hours. Send us your graphics for same day posters or have one of our graphic designers design a poster just for your business.

What resolution should my files be to print?

When printing, 300 PPI is the best print resolution for digital printers. Designing a file below 300 PPI will result in blurring and pixelation. On the other hand, it is not worth designing with a resolution higher than 300 PPI. As far as the eye can see, there will be no difference in print quality. In addition, it will make your file much larger (increases file upload/load time).

We always recommend the 300 PPI drawing for printing, but we also know that sometimes you do not have the ability to edit your drawings. If you cannot draw your files to print at 300 PPI, you will need to take some steps to ensure that the lower resolution works for you.

We recommend that you adjust the resolution in your graphics editor (i.e. Photoshop) to 300 PPI before you start drawing your file. Increasing the resolution after the start will still result in blurring/pixelation.

Do I need to send extra proof or files?

Please do not send any extra files such as proofs or samples unless you are requested by one We only need the final printing files.

How are my artwork files checked by Printing Brooklyn?

All the artworks are checked by our team before printing. If we encounter any problems with the files we will contact you and advice changes in the format. Please note that the conversions of both color mode and size will be made automatically without previous information.

During the artwork analysis, we check:

  • whether the files are submitted in one of the accepted formats (PDF, JPG, TIFF, EPS or PS)
  • if the number of pages is correct
  • if the provided file is in greyscale (only if you ordered a one coloured print)
  • if the file is the correct size (if not, we will scale your artwork to the desired size, however this might result in the decrease of resolution. Also no additional bleeding will be added in the process)
  • if perforations lines have been indicated
  • if the appropriate fonts are embedded within the file

Why do I need bleed on my print files?

To make sure that there are no white areas on your printed product, all the submitted files must have a 2 mm bleed on each side. This means that your design (both images and graphics) should be always 2mm larger than the actual print format. Failing to do so may result in small deviations which lead to white margins. To make sure that the fonts and crucial design elements are visible, please place them at least 3mm from the final format (not including the bleed) and don’t use frames as boundaries in the layout.

– If you are submitting your print data in an open format the bleed should be 4mm on each side (eg. A4 size including a bleed should be 301×214 mm)
– If you are submitting files for presentation folders, banners, monthly calendars, packaging or any other advertising technology products please prepare the file with a 3mm bleed on each side
– Envelopes must be submitted with a 1 mm bleed.
– Textile stretcher frames require 15 mm bleed.
If you require more information, please refer to our artwork instructions.

Why file formats can I submit?

You can upload your files in the following formats:
JPG, PDF,EPS, TIFF, PS (PostScript)

Make sure that your PDF file is saved directly from a graphic program in the PDF/X-standard (PDF/X3 or PDF/X1a) format. In order to avoid issues with layers and transparencies in the printing process, it is advised to use the “compatibility 1.3” setting while saving your artwork.

If you are submitting your files in TIFF format, please make sure you reduce the layers to only one layer.

In order to prevent problems with variations in color or print image, please don’t use the pre-separated DCS EPS data.

What are your opening hours for pickup?

We are open for collection Monday through Friday between 10am and 6pm. Outside our working hours you may always fill in our contact-us form and we will come back to you the next business day.

5 reviews for Wheatpaste Poster

  1. JT

    Very quick and efficient service; Eli provided excellent advise and has a wealth of knowledge; I would highly suggest Printing Brooklyn.

  2. DoLittle

    The customer support is outstanding, and we plan to use it again in the future.

  3. Mike R.

    I worked with Eli to get a complex poster campaign that met the needed requirements, and when they arrived, I was blown away by how well the Printing Brooklyn team executed my vision.

  4. PB

    Very quick and efficient service; Eli provided excellent advise and has a wealth of knowledge; I would go with these guys again.

  5. Carrington

    A really nice and responsible service that greatly aided me in ensuring that I received exactly what I needed and that the transaction went well.

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