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Foil Stamping

Upgrade your cards with eye-catching foil stamping effects.
Foil stamping gives a luxurious upgrade to any product. Available now on our wide range of cards, invitations, flyers and more.

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Hot Foil Stamp

Hot foil stamp or foil stamping is the process of transferring pigmented or metallic foil on to a flat surface using a heated and carved metal plate. The foil, which is fitted on to the metal plate, leaves an imprint on the printing surface as it is heated – thereby, the result is a beautiful pattern, logo or emblem, imprinted on to your printing product. The process is fast and leaves a very elegant finish.

Printing Brooklyn are truly experts in this printing effect and we can produce incredible high quality foil stamping at very affordable prices. We use both pigment and metallic foils, in a variety of colors which give a shiny and dazzling effect to your printed products. Our refined printing techniques and cutting edge printing presses ensure high quality each and every print run.  If you wish to see some of our sample foil stamped products, get in touch with our team and allow us to demonstrate what what we are capable of producing here in store.

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Foil stamping, like embossing, adheres foil to a printed substrate using a combination of heat and pressure. A foil design may provide the finishing touch to a project, elevating it and capturing the attention of viewers. Knowing how to utilize foil in printed materials may make the difference between a project that stands out and one that falls flat. From business cards to wedding invitations, a dash of foil can make a product stand out.

What are the different kinds of foils?

Foil stamping is one of the most flexible printing methods due to the range of foils available. Here are just a handful of the many choices available to you:

Metalized Foil Stamping

Metalized foil is the most prevalent kind of foil, and it has a gleaming, metallic appearance. Metalized foil is ideal for adding a touch of gold or silver to a sophisticated design.

Pigment Foils

Pigment foils are not dissimilar to their metalized cousins, but they lack the metallic appearance. These foils may be almost any hue and have either a matte or glossy finish, making them very versatile.

3D Holographic Foils

These foils produce a “3D rainbow” design that you may recognize from your credit card or identification card. Collectibles such as baseball cards and advertising materials may benefit from holographic foils.

Scratch-off Foils

Scratching may readily remove scratch-off foils from a printed surface, as you would expect. As a consequence, they’re excellent for concealing information that may be disclosed later, such as lottery tickets or phone cards.

What Can Foil Stamping Do for Your Business?

Foil stamping has maintained its timeless charm despite all of the modifications. It instantly elevates your brand’s status while attracting customers’ attention. But today’s response to the question “What can foil stamping do for my product?” is short and sweet: anything you want it to accomplish. Foil stamping is now more than just a show-stopper thanks to technological advancements. When coupled with embossing, it may actually enhance your brand. When used with debossing, it may create a dazzling depth effect. Metallics aren’t the only choice, even if they’re still fashionable. To make the picture pop, use hot stamping to add glossy or contrasting surfaces. More complex patterns are also possible because to advancements in digital filing and die-cutting.

This allows you to express yourself creatively. You are the expert on your product. You may now collaborate with us to develop a method that speaks to your target audience. With a mark of quality, convey how the product feels, the feelings it should evoke, and the trust it can create. However, it isn’t always the best option. Other decorative components may be more suitable depending on your budget, industry, and product. Because of the specialized dies, foil stamping is still a costly procedure, despite its increased popularity. The heavy-metal must be precisely formed.

That is why partnering with the proper printing and packaging company is so important. Their skills and resources are essential, but so is their knowledge. They should be able to assist you in making decisions. Your budget, for example, should be the first topic of conversation. Because if it’s restricted, you should definitely look for an alternate aesthetic effect, such as premium metallic inks. They won’t match foil shine for shine, but when printed on the appropriate surface, they may approximate the intended image. Another thing to consider is the size of the area you want to stamp: tiny letters and logos work well, but bigger ones are usually too costly to make foil stamping a viable option.

Understanding foil stamping, if nothing else, allows you to be more creative. It prompts you to consider the design of your packaging, with the carton serving as your canvas. And the proper mix of effects may help you sell more goods while also improving the image of your company.

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