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Uncoated Door Hangers

4.44 167 reviews
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  • Gloss cover door hangers can be printed on 14pt. or 16pt. cardstock

    Select the preferred print size of your door hanger
    Choose between standard, arch and starburst die cut

    Choose either printing on both sides of your door hangers or print on one side only. 

    Choose between 250 and 15,000 prints

    Choose between 250 and 15,000 prints

    Choose between 250 and 15,000 prints

    Choose between 250 and 15,000 prints

    Choose between 250 and 15,000 prints

    Upload your own design or order a custom design for $150

    Upload your own design or order a custom design for $75

    Choose the turnaround time for the door hangers. The selected production period will begin when we have received all of your print-ready artwork or a separate print approval if a gallery proof has been requeste

Image Uploads

  • Upload Artwork *

    Max file size: 200 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf svg eps ai psd xd ps


Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file please merge all visible layers.


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Uncoated Door Hangers Printing NYC

High quality, fast turnaround Uncoated Door Hangers

Experience the power of direct marketing with our Uncoated Door Hangers. These aren’t just ordinary door hangers; they’re your ticket to capturing the attention of your target audience in a unique and impactful way.

Crafted from premium, uncoated paper stock, our door hangers are designed to withstand the elements while maintaining their vibrant colors and crisp text. This makes them perfect for use in a variety of settings – be it restaurants, hotels or local businesses.

Our Uncoated Door Hangers are more than just an affordable advertising solution; they’re a strategic tool that places your message directly into the hands of potential customers. Imagine having your brand’s message hanging on hundreds, if not thousands, of doors within your community – that’s powerful visibility you can’t ignore.

But it doesn’t stop there! The uncoated finish not only adds a touch of sophistication but also allows for easy writing or stamping on both sides. This means you can personalize each piece with additional information or special offers to further engage your audience.

So why wait? Harness the power of our Uncoated Door Hangers today and watch as they open doors to new business opportunities tomorrow!

We print a wide range of products from our Brooklyn, NY facility, including our popular Step & Repeat Backdrop, Greeting Cards, Wheat Paste Poster, Painted Edge Business Cards, Step & Repeat Backdrop (Frame Only). If you’re looking for something different, get in touch with one of our sales team today for a custom quote.

Custom Printed in Brooklyn, NYC

Our Uncoated Door Hangers come in three different sizes: 4″ x 7″, 3.5″ x 8.5″, and 4.25″ x 11″. This variety allows you to choose the perfect size that fits your specific needs and preferences.

When it comes to product quantity, we offer a wide range of options to accommodate any project size. You can choose from quantities of 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 15000, or even up to 20000 door hangers. This flexibility ensures that you have enough door hangers for your marketing campaign or promotional event.

To add a touch of uniqueness and creativity to your door hangers, we provide various product options. You can select from Standard Arch, Starburst, Front Only printing option or Both Sides printing option. These options allow you to customize your door hangers according to your branding requirements and make them stand out from the competition.

Our Uncoated Door Hangers are made from high-quality materials for durability and a professional look. We offer two material choices: 14 pt Cardstock and16 pt Cardstock. These sturdy cardstocks ensure that your door hangers maintain their shape and withstand everyday wear and tear.

With our Uncoated Door Hangers in different sizes, quantities, options, and materials available at your disposal; you have the freedom to create impactful marketing materials that effectively promote your business or event.

Product Information

Sizes 4″X 7″, 3.5″X 8.5″, 4.25″X 11″
Quantities 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000
Options Standard Arch, Starburst, Front Only, Both Sides
Material 14 pt Cardstock, 16 pt Cardstock

Review Highlights - Uncoated Door Hangers

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4.44 / 5
167 Total reviews
91% Would order again
  1. Jonathon
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    Initially i wasn’t happy with how these door hangers turned out. I ended up ordering the glossy ones afterwards and they were much better.

  2. ADT
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    I purchased the door hangers to put in our customer’s vehicles as a Thank You. The hangers are well made and have very bright colors. I highly recommend this product.

  3. Ferriman
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    We ordered door hangers for our City initiative to communicate door-to-door with citizens. The product was a quality product, delivered quickly and packaged safely. The die cut and printing quality exceeded our expectations.

  4. MikeA
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    Just ordered and received our first prints from Printing Brooklyn. Pleased with the quality and turnaround speed. Will consider using their services again.

  5. REGO1548
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    Great quality hangers at a great price!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good size for a door hanger?

A good size for a door hanger is typically 4.25" x 11" as it provides enough space for impactful visuals and important information while still being easily noticeable on a doorknob.

What is a hotel door hanger?

A hotel door hanger is a printed sign that is hung on the doorknob of a hotel room to provide information or request privacy.

What are common door hanger sizes?

Common door hanger sizes include 3.5" x 8.5", 4.25" x 11", and 5.5" x 17".

Are door hanger flyers effective?

Door hanger flyers can be highly effective in capturing attention and generating leads due to their unique placement and ability to target specific audiences.

Are door hangers a good idea?

Door hangers are an effective and cost-efficient marketing tool that can help businesses reach a targeted audience and increase brand visibility.

What are door hangers made of?

Door hangers are typically made of durable materials such as cardstock or plastic, ensuring longevity and effectiveness in conveying messages to potential customers.

How effective are door hangers for business?

Door hangers can be highly effective for businesses as they provide a direct and targeted marketing approach, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement with potential customers.

Are door hangers better than flyers?

Door hangers offer a more targeted and personal approach to advertising compared to flyers, making them a better choice for certain marketing campaigns.

Is hanging a door a DIY job?

Hanging a door can be a DIY job, but it requires careful measurements, proper tools, and some experience with carpentry.

Why is hanging a door difficult?

Hanging a door can be challenging due to the precise measurements, alignment, and hardware installation required for a proper fit and functionality.

What material are hotel door hangers?

Hotel door hangers are printed materials that are hung on the doorknobs of hotel room doors to provide information or communicate messages to guests.

Why are hotel hangers made of wood?

Hotel hangers are made of wood due to its durability, aesthetic appeal, and eco-friendly nature.

Why do hotels have metal doors?

Hotels have metal doors for enhanced security and durability, ensuring the safety of guests and protecting against potential break-ins.

Do metal wreath hangers damage doors?

Metal wreath hangers can potentially damage doors if not used properly or if the weight of the wreath exceeds the door's capacity.

Are door hangers illegal in Florida?

No, door hangers are not illegal in Florida.

How do I protect my door from over door hanger?

One effective way to protect your door from over door hangers is by using a clear, adhesive-backed protective film specifically designed for this purpose.

Do over the door hangers damage doors?

Over the door hangers do not typically damage doors when used properly.

Should I seal my door hanger?

Sealing your door hanger can provide added protection against weather elements and enhance its durability.

How do you secure a door with a coat hanger?

Securing a door with a coat hanger involves creating a makeshift lock by bending the hanger into a hook shape and inserting it through the gap between the door and the frame to prevent it from being opened.

What is the average ROI on door hangers?

The average ROI on door hangers varies depending on factors such as design, distribution strategy, and target audience engagement.

What kind of wood is best for door hangers?

The best kind of wood for door hangers is typically a durable and lightweight option such as birch plywood or MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

What are the best practices for door hangers?

The best practices for door hangers include using eye-catching designs, concise messaging, clear call-to-action, and high-quality printing to maximize their effectiveness as a marketing tool.

What is the best way to distribute door hangers?

The best way to distribute door hangers is by strategically targeting specific neighborhoods or areas with high foot traffic and ensuring they are placed on doorknobs or handles in a visually appealing and attention-grabbing manner.

How much for 1,000 door hangers?

The cost for 1,000 door hangers will vary depending on factors such as size, material, design complexity, and printing options.

What is the cost of foldable door hanger?

The cost of a foldable door hanger varies depending on factors such as size, material, quantity, and additional customization options.

What are the different types of hotel hangers?

The different types of hotel hangers include wooden hangers, plastic hangers, padded hangers, and non-slip hangers.

How many door hangers can you hang per hour?

The number of door hangers that can be hung per hour depends on various factors such as the complexity of the design, the size of the area, and the experience and efficiency of the person hanging them.

How many hangers should be in a hotel room?

The number of hangers in a hotel room should be sufficient to accommodate the average number of garments typically brought by guests.

What size should a door hanger be?

The standard size for a door hanger is 4.25 inches by 11 inches, but custom sizes can also be used to suit specific needs.

What is the success rate of door hangers?

The success rate of door hangers varies depending on the target audience, design, and distribution strategy employed.

Why wont my wreath hanger fit over-the-door?

The wreath hanger may not fit over the door due to a mismatch in size or design.

How do you make an effective door hanger?

To create an effective door hanger, focus on eye-catching design elements, concise messaging, and a clear call-to-action.

How do you secure a hotel door with a coat hanger?

To secure a hotel door with a coat hanger, you can create a makeshift lock by bending the hanger into a U-shape and inserting it into the door's latch mechanism.

What gap to leave when hanging a door?

When hanging a door, it is recommended to leave a 1/8-inch gap between the door and the frame to allow for proper clearance and smooth operation.

Are wood hangers the best?

Wood hangers offer a timeless and elegant aesthetic, making them a popular choice for high-end clothing retailers and individuals looking to elevate their wardrobe presentation.

Can I hang door hangers?

Yes, door hangers can be easily hung on doors to effectively promote your business or convey important messages.

Should door hangers be double sided?

Yes, door hangers should be double-sided to maximize advertising space and increase visibility.

Do hotels have coat hangers?

Yes, hotels typically provide coat hangers for guests' convenience.