Helping your business continue trading safely.

To assist businesses and our valued customers during this difficult time, Rush Flyer Printing has developed a range of products to help your business re-open & continue to trade safely during NYC Coronavirus COVID-19 restrictions.

Face Mask Window Clings 2

Face Mask Window Clings



Printed Face Masks 3

Custom Printed Face Masks



Social Distancing Floor Stickers 2

Social Distancing Floor Graphics



Hygiene Posters 7

Health & Hygiene Posters



Safety Stickers 1

COVID-19 Safety Stickers



Restaurant Menus | Printing Brooklyn

Disposable Restaurant Menus



Social Distancing Product Line

In the coming weeks, restrictions will begin to ease and people will return to their jobs, schools and universities. However, as we all know, this return to work will depend very much on whether we all continue to follow the rules of social distance. Ensuring that your business is a complaint about social distance is imperative.

The time has come to prepare for work.

We have created a range of health and safety products that cover all the necessary signs and information steps your company will need to take to continue to market safely during the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic. These products include Distant Social Floor Stickers, Display Case Stickers and Stickers, Printed Masks and Face Shields and a range of liquid soap dispensers. These products allow you to ensure that heavy traffic areas in your workplace remind people of their responsibilities in terms of social distance.

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