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Of course, trade shows are an excellent platform for showcasing your services and products to new and potential customers. With so many trade shows taking place around the country each and every weekend, there are countless opportunities for you to showcase your brand to targeted large groups of customers. Often, with the intense setup required for installing and managing your booth, the trade show collaterals you should bring are an afterthought. These printed collaterals can however be the most important tools your customers will use to connect with you. Taking home a brochure, business card or one-sheet is the reason they will remember your brand and click on your website after the trade show. Discover our list of printed products you should take with you for your next trade show.

Trade Show Product Guide & Checklist

  1. Banners: A fantastic way to attract trade show customers to your booth. Banners are dynamic and visual, grabbing attention from across the room. This doesn’t always mean “bigger is better”, you should select a size that compliments your booth and products and matches your branding.
  2. Flyers: These easy to hand out tools are perfect for customers wanting to keep your information or products in mind as they can be easily folded and put in to a pocket. Designed well, a flyer can grab attention and inform about the details or your products and services and are cost effective to print in large quantities.
  3. Preshow Postcard Mailers: Always try to remind your best customers about that time you had a stall at the trade show they visit. Send out your postcard mailers before the trade show to let customers know you’ll be there and they can come and check out your products in person.
  4. Business Cards: These will never go out of fashion. Small and easy to fit in a wallet or pocket, business cards have your important company details and contact names. Keep a few business cards with you at the trade show and start building your network!
  5. Case Studies or One Sheet: These are a fantastic way to outline the benefits or your product/service in a simple and concise way. Make sure your one sheets are printed on a nice easy to read design and these will help you convert customers.
  6. Signages: Trade shows are a great setting for a wide variety of signs. Guide customers to your booth, offer products and discounts to your customers or simply display informative product details.
  7. Brochures: These are one of the most important tools at your trade show. A full color, beautifully designed brochure showcases your entire product range and important company information. It’s the doorway in to your company for your customers to take home with them and learn more about your offerings.

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