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Fashion “lookbooks” are one of the most searched fashion terms on the internet. There has been an explosion of new independent fashion labels on the market in the past few years with the rise of the ‘fashion blogger’ and influencers who dominate our social media feeds. Fashion lookbooks is the essential communication tool in the fashion world. They are sent to press, buyers, customers and clients and are a key way for your label to share new products, ideas and showcase your brand values. In the competitive fashion world, it’s important that your lookbook stands out through the crowds – in order to do this it must be a glimpse inside your brand, aesthetically pleasing and show the innovations and ideas of your collection. Discover how to design the perfect fashion lookbook and have yours expertly printed right here at Printing Brooklyn.

The Lookbook Blueprint

There’s an array of sizes and formats that lookbooks can be printed in – and that’s not even getting started on paper types and binding options. For this reason it’s important to map out a blueprint for the design of your fashion lookbook. The styles of lookbooks include a book of styled looks (this is typically the most popular format), a simple catalog (with detailed information about each product) or a more complex and story-driven lookbook that tells the ideas behind your brand. Once you’ve decided on the format, the next thing to blueprint is your target audience – who is this lookbook for? And what products are you selecting for it?

Fashion Lookbook | Printing Brooklyn

Fashion Lookbook | Printing Brooklyn

Before you embark on the creation of your lookbook in it’s physical form it’s important to map out a blueprint. Lookbooks are available in an array of sizes and formats therefore you should start with a template that best fits your brand. These formats include: a book of styled looks (which is the most popular format), a simplistic catalog or the more complex and artistic direction of a compilation editorial coincided with an attention-grabbing storyline. Once you’ve settled on the form your lookbook will take the next important questions are; which items/collection will be featured? What is your target market? What story is the lookbook trying to convey?

Photography Style

Of course, the photography will be the most important component of your fashion lookbook. It’s often that customers are first introduced to your brand by this medium – and it may make a lasting impression for better or worse. Choose your photographer carefully as well as your models. High resolution, high quality and effortless photos that compliment your products are what your lookbook needs to stand out. The design of the lookbook should match the style of photography.

Fashion Lookbook | Printing Brooklyn

Fashion Lookbook | Printing Brooklyn

Fashion Lookbook | Printing Brooklyn

Products Specs & Details

The product specifications in your lookbook your be concise and very clear. Each photo you use should list the have the specifics of the item (sizes, product numbers and materials). Your customers might not be able to see the items in the flesh, so its important your lookbook allows someone to make a purchase with all the information they might require to do so.

Try to be Original

The perfect fashion lookbook is all about the originality of the design and it’s presentation. Try to be minimal and give it a cohesive flow from cover to cover. This will help your fashion label stand out from the clutter of brands and help to give it authority. Even by sticking to the basics you can create an original campaign. The create originality, use items that are unique to your company, things like fabric swatches or sketches or even photos from the creative process of how your line was created. These are items that only you have access to which will help your lookbook stand out and be original.

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